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Spawning / Assets / Attributes

Fish Cage

The Fish cage Blurprint is used to spawn fish into an area

Drag the Blueprint into the project then resize it with the box size variable under the Default tab

Next add an element to the Fish array

Select what fish you want to spawn

Then add an element to the Flock size array

Input a number for how many fish you want to spawn for each individual element

Fish Assets

Each Fish has a folder with its assets

This includes the 3d model, Uv map, Material and skeleton

Fish Attributes

Each Fish Blueprint is a child of the C++ Fish Flock class

Inside each blueprint is a set of variables

On the left is the fish behaviours

This is what fish it will avoid and what fish it will try to eat

along with its speed and how far it will stray from the flock

On the right are the variables for EXP, Lvl the player must be to eat and how much Food the fish is worth

Adding your own fish

If you are adding your own fish, it is easiest to duplicate an exsisting fish Blueprint and replace the necessary files ( mesh and UV map)

Then adjust the behaviours