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Race Ring

Setting up a race

Start by dragging the racering blueprint into the scene

Note the Defaults Tab on the right

Set the Max ring number you want in your race and the time limit

You can set minutes and seconds

Copy the race ring, Alt & drag

You can resize and angle the rings to any size / orientation

Continue to copy out as many race rings as you want

Dont forget to re number the rings


Once you are done with placing racerings, you will need to drop a coinspawner blueprint

Next we link the coin spawner to the GOAL array on the FINAL race ring

Click the inkdropper icon next to GOAL

Click the coin spawner BP

Next we need to link all the race rings to the FIRST ring

This makes the rings appear when the race starts

Click the Inkdropper next to Ring 0

Click on the Second ring

Click the inkdropper next to Ring 1

Click on the third ring

Finally, we can uncheck the START box on every ring apart form the starting ring

Now The timer is set up

The rings are Linked

And the Goal has been linked to the coin spawner